Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mobile Game Shutting Down After a Decade

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Shutting Down After a Decade

In a significant turn of events, the renowned Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile game is bidding farewell after almost a decade of captivating players worldwide.

The Glorious Decade of A-list Dreams and Celebrity Adventures

For nearly ten years, enthusiastic players have immersed themselves in the world of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, chasing fame and navigating the intricacies of social hierarchy since its debut in 2014.

Star-Studded Appearances by Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner

Throughout the game’s lifespan, it was not just Kim Kardashian who graced the digital stage; notable appearances by Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner added an extra layer of glamour to the gaming experience.

A Fond Farewell from Kim Kardashian

Expressing her sentiments, Kim Kardashian conveyed in a statement to BBC Newsbeat that, despite the imminent closure, she would “forever be inspired” by the vibrant community that thrived within the game.

The Genesis: Glu and the Kardashian Connection

Developed by Glu, a prominent mobile game developer in collaboration with the iconic Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the game offered players a unique blend of entertainment and celebrity lifestyle simulation.

Exploring the In-Game Dynamics: From Free-to-Play to K-Stars Fame

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood followed a free-to-play model, allowing players to delve into the glitzy universe with the option to purchase in-game currency known as K-stars. These K-stars became the pathway to fame through engaging in events, modeling assignments, and even virtual dating.

Kim’s Gratitude and Reflection

Expressing her gratitude, Kim Kardashian remarked, “I’m so grateful to everyone who has loved and played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood over the past decade.” The game held significant personal value for her, but now, she believes it’s time to redirect that energy towards new endeavors.

Transitioning to a New Digital Frontier

While the sun sets on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a new dawn emerges with the launch of a brand-new mobile game by Kim Kardashian herself.

Beyond Hollywood: The Balenciaga Teddy Shoot

In the wake of the game’s closure, Kim Kardashian makes headlines with the Balenciaga teddy shoot, showcasing her continuous presence in the digital and fashion realms.

Diversifying Ventures: Kim Kardashian’s Private Equity Firm

Expanding her entrepreneurial footprint, Kim Kardashian has recently announced the launch of a private equity firm, further solidifying her position as a multifaceted business mogul.

The Countdown Begins: Game Features Available Until April 8

Although the game is being removed from both Apple and Android app stores, existing players can still relish its features until April 8, making the shutdown a gradual process.

The Legacy of a Blockbuster: $160 Million and Critical Acclaim

Despite initial skepticism, the game earned more than $160 million following its debut, solidifying its status as a blockbuster. Recognized by game site Polygon as one of the 100 best games of the decade, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood stands as a model for mobile games unapologetically geared towards young women.

In conclusion, as one digital chapter closes, Kim Kardashian continues to redefine her digital presence, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming and entertainment industry.